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Ok, so here I am 46 (now I am over 50), getting ready to turn 47 in less than 6 months, and I have decided it’s time to lose weight, well I have read a lot of books on the subject, it’s not like I haven’t tried to lose weight before. I used to say I can’t diet or I will gain 5 lbs. Just the thought of not eating something made me crazy; and tell me I can’t have my Starbucks peppermint mocha anymore and well now you have gone too far!! So I decided to write down what I did not like about all the other times that I decided to lose weight or books that I read that seemed impossible to follow or maintain.  Then I reverse engineered a program that I thought I could live with and stay with. So that is how I ended up with Timer™DIET.

I really don’t like the word diet, but I know that someone is going to coin it with some diet name if I don’t; so I thought I should go ahead and give it a name, and as you will see as you go through the book whether it is when to eat your next meal, when to work out, how long to work out or how long it takes to make a meal the timer on your phone, stove, or a hand held timer (which by chance I have created one especially to help you on this journey, if you so choose), seemed to embody the spirit of the plan, the means to stay focused and get rid of a lot of the guessing as to how to do it!! So enjoy and may today be the first day of the you you always knew was possible.

Sherri Sue Fisher

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I. The Rules and Medical Stuff
II. Why Do Diets NOT Work?
III. Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?
IV. Before You Start
V. How To Do It!
VI. Pitfalls During the Process
VII. Holidays and Various Events
VIII. Vacations and Business Travel
IX. Now that You Have Lost the Weight
X. Appendices
  • i. Grocery Lists
  • ii. Cooking
  • iii. Menus and Restaurant Guide
  • iv. Exercise
XI. In Conclusion