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Hi I’m Sherri, author of Timer™DIET. Have you ever wondered why when you ate exactly what a diet book told you to, you either didn’t lose the weight you thought you would or you found it impossible to stay with the program? Me too!! I really thought I was a failure for not being able to stick with the menus or the portion sizes, and then there were other times when I felt like I was being forced to eat too much. There was never that “just right” feeling after eating. That is why I created Timer™DIET. I was 46 (I am now in my 50s), and my weight had always fluctuated back and forth of where I wanted to be. Then I gained over thirty pounds over a two year period, and was facing the decision as to whether to buy the next size jeans UP! I knew that it wasn’t going to get any easier to lose weight the older I got. And quite frankly, I was tired of worrying about my weight; I was ready for it to be a non-issue. I set out to not only lose the weight but decide what I needed to do to maintain my weight once I lost it. (So I would never have to do this again!) Thus Timer™DIET was inspired.

The basic concepts of Timer™DIET are not about what specific foods you eat as much as it is about how often and how much you eat and the combinations of foods to insure that you get dietary fat, protein, and carbohydrates every time you eat or drink.  We will create menus together that take anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes to prepare; whether you are cooking for one or an entire family, and you will select your menus before you go to your favorite restaurants. You will learn to eat until you are satisfied and not one bite more. I will also, show you how to navigate all of the holidays and life’s’ events without having them play havoc with your waist line.

But, most importantly I will show you how to keep the weight off for good! So you too, will never have to go through the process of losing weight again. I hope you join me in this journey, and let this time be the last time you need to lose weight.

Take care,

Sherri Sue Fisher

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